Natashabubble1"Not very often do you come across a book so accurately written for teen’s facing the overwhelming amount of challenges presented in today’s society. Ms. Reid’s skillfully written, honest account is on point and difficult to put down. Raw, poignant, touching, reflective, she has managed to capture what its like to be a teenager struggling to find herself. Friendship, peer pressure, promiscuity, teen pregnancy, abusive relationships, familial relationships, Ms. Reid tackles these issues head on and in brilliant fashion, leaving you rooting for the main character. A thoroughly entertaining yet often educational read, Ms. Reid has nailed it with this one."
---Natasha Gibbs Watson, Child and Youth Worker, Bachelor of Social Work

"There are fiction writers and then there is Pauleanna Reid. I am amazed at your first attempt as a fiction writer. These first four chapters (of your book preview) had me in an emotional turmoil. I was happy, I was sad, I wanted to hurt somebody, I was laughing out so loud, I cringed and it’s all because I could related to everything she wrote about. The book becomes available March of 2014 and I am thinking I can’t wait that long to satisfy my curiosity on what this brilliant writer has in store for us."
--- Carol Noble, Toronto Ontario


"Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother is a must read. Young adolescent girls will be able to relate to all the trials and tribulations Aaliyah is faced with as she struggles to fit in. They may see bits and pieces of themselves in the different characters throughout the book. It may inspire them to start a journal of their own; of things they may have been too afraid to tell their own mothers. This book has many unexpected twists and turns that will keep the reader looking forward to see what is going to happen next."
---Denitra Knight, Elementary School Teacher, Brampton Ontario

"Pauleanna Reid’s novel, “Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother,” is a story to which teens and adolescents can surely relate. Highlighting the dangers of the cycle of abuse and conforming to peer pressure, along with demonstrating the secret normalcy of identity confusion, family tension, and experimentation with sexuality in adolescence, this Bildungsroman is a story of learned self-respect and pride. Through a breadth of characters stemming from a wide range of privilege and experience, readers are provided with many perspectives of issues and concerns, and these angles are processed through the mind of a “typical” adolescent. While all children, tweens, and teens are vastly different, they all connect through struggles and celebrations that inevitably accompany the negotiated path to maturity. With sometimes graphic language, yet evidently language with which young people are all too familiar, this page-turner will keep readers wanting more and truly rooting for Aaliyah to succeed in her journey to reconnect with her family, as well as her own direction in life. Through Aaliyah, many young people will see themselves and their own vulnerabilities, and will be able to learn from this courageous character’s mistakes and achievements."
--- Christine Cote, High school teacher, Toronto Ontario

Beebubble4"Everything I Couldn't Tell My Mother by Pauleanna Reid is a bold, well-written story that leaps off the page. Not only did I identify with and relate to Aaliyah, but I also experienced new things as I saw the world through her eyes. This is a smart read by an author who clearly respects the intelligence of her audience - it is real without being raunchy, lesson-filled without being preachy, with enough twists and turns to keep you intrigued. Everything I Couldn't Tell My Mother leaves me wanting more - not just more of Aaliyah, her family, and friends, but also more from the talented author, Pauleanna Reid."
---Bridget Quammie, Speaker, Writer and Founder of 83 to Infinity

"The writer did a wonderful and accurate job of identifying the voice of an unheard generation in this book. I found myself not wanting to put the book down. The book pulls you in from the very beginning and keeps you captivated with intense honesty and secrets most usually keep locked inside. A book long overdue in a time where childhood dreams and memories unfold into adulthood actions. This book is for anyone who had secrets they couldn't tell to their parents."
---Dalton Beckles Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Motivational Speaker

Safbubble3"The path from puberty to young adulthood is often a battlefield marked with feelings of shame, guilt, self loathing and doubt- a journey that very few people are brave enough to divulge and that many young women stubbornly deny. Pauleanna Reid’s book, Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother, illustrates this process with the story of Aaliyah Panarese, giving her a voice that details her transition to maturity with the depth and detailed rawness reminiscent of the impactful stories written by author and activist Sista Souljah. Throughout the novel, Aaliyah’s stories took me back to my formative years as a teenager struggling to make my way through peer pressure and deceit while trying to remain true to myself. This book is a coming-of-age story of discovering one’s self worth and understanding one’s value through a process of trail and error. Reid has created a highly entertaining book with a story that grips at you from the beginning."
---Safia Bartholomew, Journalist

"Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother is an amazing story written by Pauleanna Reid. This story is special because as a social worker in the Greater Toronto Area I work with single mothers who share many similar experiences which Pauleanna shares in this novel. This book will become a popular read as some of the experiences that Aaliyah has been through are everyday life events that girls go through in high school. Listening and talking to my clients it is evident that the pressure of family life, pressure of boys and sex, looks and fitting in can get so overwhelming. Young women reading this book can learn and connect to her story as it brings to light that when bad or unexpected happens, it can be a learning experience and a way for them to grow stronger and confident; in some situations I would say it can help to form a positive identity in ones self."
---Kaazmi Manji, Master of Social Work, Registered Social Worker